Red Witch Factotum Suboctave Drive Bass Effects Pedal

Sublime Subsonic Sentience!

It's been a long time coming but our much anticipated range of Bass Guitar effects are here - starting with our first release - The FACTOTUM Bass Suboctave Drive pedal.

The Facotum features two separate effects in one glorious chrome package; the ridiculous might and sub thumping girth of our 100% analog suboctave and the ultra dial-able grit of our 100% analog bass overdrive.

Use either effect independently our simultaneously - they each have their own true bypass stomp switch. Dial as little or a much of each effect in with the two mix controls.

We can't stress enough - these effects are designed for the bass - so no low end roll off plus...... you are able to blend the effected sound with your unadulterated dry sound. Can we have a "C" for clarity and "B" for Balls!!!!!


  • Independent overdrive for bass
  • Independent sub octave for bass
  • Independent wet/dry mix for each
  • 100% analog = totally unique